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Differences in JETI DUPLEX telemetry.

In 2008 the JETI model company released to the market “stand alone” transmission modules. JetiBox can be connected to these “built-in” Tx modules as a screen for displaying the transmitted telemetry data from the model. Therefore, JETI telemetry was first designed for the JetiBox. JetiBox…

Procedure for updating Rx and REX receivers

All receiver updates are performed automatically by JETI Studio. All users have a very fast and easy way to update their receiver to the latest version of FW with all the new features.   The complete procedure is shown in the video below.  

R14 (R18) receiver backup by Rsat2 or Rsat900 receiver via PPM communication.

Bind the main and backup receivers with the DC/DS transmitter in Double Path mode (or Rsat900 backup receiver). In the main receiver R14 (R18) set the inputs SAT1 and SAT2 as PPM input, you can also set Fail-Safe for servos (we recommend at least cut the throttle off). In the backup receiver,…

REX receiver backup by secondary receiver via EX Bus communication.

  Connection of REX receiver and Rsat2 backup receiver.                        Connection of REX receiver and 900MHz backup receiver.