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Technical Support

In this section you will find all sorts of additional information about the products. Select the category according to the area of your interest.

Important warning.

There are USB-C adapters sold on the market that don't meet the basic USB standards in connection and output voltage. These are mainly USB-C chargers for some electrical tools. For this reason, we strongly recommend using only the original JETI USB adapter to charge the DC-24II transmitters.  

DS-12: replace the potentiometers in position 5 and 6 for switches.

For exchange you need your preferred switch for DS transmitters (switches designated for DC transmitter are not compatible) , nut DS-top and mounting key.

Reporting of telemetry values in the JETI DC/DS transmitter (voice output).

The JETI DC/DS transmitter system allows to report any telemetry data immediately or repeatedly according to a user-defined time.

REX receiver backup by Rsat2 or Rsat 900/900NG secondary receiver.

Bind both receivers with the DC/DS transmitter in the Double Path mode (or set the backup receiver to CLONE mode).

JETI Studio Mobile

        JETI Studio Mobile is a mobile application for visualizing telemetry data in real-time or offline from logs. The app supports Android or iOS operating systems.  

Differences in JETI DUPLEX telemetry.

JETI DUPLEX telemetry has undergone a long development and today there are three different options for telemetry data transmission.

Procedure for updating Rx and REX receivers

Update procedure JETI EX receivers (Rx and REX) by JETI Studio.

Easy rules for sending products for repair or analysis

Easy rules for sending products for repair or analysis: Put the JETI product in the protective package suitable for sending Attach in the package a description of the defects, if you were in contact with any employee of the JETI model about the repair process enclose also contact name +…

R14 (R18) receiver backup by Rsat2 or Rsat900 receiver via PPM communication.

Connection of receiver R14 (or R18) and satellite Rsat2 / Rsat900 using PPM signal.

How can I increase the accuracy of the consumed volume of fuel for the MFlow2 EX sensor?

Calibration of the consumed volume is possible from FW version 2.03.We recommend that you first check SW version in the MFlow2 EX sensor. If will be necessary, update the sensor via the JETI Studio program.  

JETI studio

JETI Studio is a cross-platform program for the visualization and analysis of telemetry data received from sensors. The program is available free of charge as a software support to the Duplex product line.