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JETI studio

JETI Studio is a cross-platform program for the visualization and analysis of telemetry data received from sensors. The program is available free of charge as a software support to the Duplex product line.

Key program functions:

  • Graphical visualization of telemetry records generated by the DC/DS transmitters (*.log files) and Flight Monitor program (*.jml files)
  • Direct support for MGPS sensor and JETIBOX profi - reading log files and real-time telemetry
  • Real-time telemetry visualization
  • Device updates - you can easily update your receivers, sensors etc.
  • EX Bus devices configuration
  • Integrated DC/DS-24 transmitter emulator 



Graphical visualization of telemetry data:

  • Charts – view several sensor values in a chart
  • On-board indicators - clear graphical intepretation of telemetry data
  • Maps – displays the flight path according to GPS coordinates
  • Data tables - view the telemetry values clearly in a spreadsheet



Additional JETI Studio features:

  • Model profiles – every model defines a specific layout to the program. Log files are then organized in folder structure individually for each model.
  • Possibility to export the log files to several file formats: Excel, CSV, KML (for Google Earth)
  • Export charts to images
  • Units conversions for sensor values
  • Free software updates
  • Compatible with Windows® 7 and later, Linux 64-bit (Debian, Fedora, OpenSuse and their forks), Mac OSX (10.10 and later)


The JETI Transmitter Wizard offers the user several useful tools:

  • Backup and restoring of the transmitter configuration.
  • Backups management: browse and delete the backups in the JETI Studio database.
  • Log files synchronization between the transmitter and JETI Studio.
  • Transmitter update to the latest version.
  • Lua apps management: manage applications installed in the transmitter.



Download version 1.1.6

V1.1.6 - September 2022

    Added support for MEZON EVO.
    Added support for upcoming devices.

Download version 1.1.5

Download version 1.1.4

Download version 1.1.3

Windows XP compatibility has been dropped since version 1.0.5 of the JETI Studio.