JETI model s.r.o.

Receiver batteries

For the production of Power Ion accumulators we use strictly branded Sony-Murata Li-Ion batteries (accumulators). Individual battery cells are sorted and selected before assembly according to strict criterias. This ensures high reliability and long accumulator life even when charging without balancing. All available Power Ion accumulators cell types have a maximum charging voltage of 4. 2V per cell.

The following cell types are used for the production of the Power Ion accumulators:

Cell type

Power Ion

Power Ion
Capacity [Ah]  2,6  3,1
Max. charge
current [A]
4 4

Max. discharge
current continuous [A]

30 20
Max. discharge
current peak [A] 
60 40
Weight [g]  47 46,5
resistance [mΩ]
10 12,8

Important warning (relevant notifications):
    Power Ion accumulators do not need to be balanced when charging.
    Charge only with Li-Ion/Li-Po battery chargers with voltage limitation to 4.2V per cell
    Do not discharge the accumulator below 2.5V per cell
    Do not discharge the accumulator beyond the maximum discharge currents listed.
    Do not charge at currents higher than those listed as maximum charging currents.
    Prevent any short circuit, short circuiting usually leads to irreversible destruction of the accumulator.
    Prevent accumulator cells from overheating above 80 °C.
    Do not use accumulators with a damaged housing cover or insulating foil.
    Avoid contact with water and other liquids.
    Mishandling of the accumulator may cause explosion, injury, fire.

Receiver accumulators Power Ion RB are assembled from suitably selected Power Ion 2600 or Power Ion 3100 type cells. The mechanical durability of the accumulators is enhanced by plastic covers and protective foil. The length of the output cables is 14 cm. The cable terminated with a servo connector is used to charge the accumulator or to monitor its condition. The power cable has a diameter of 1.5 mm, it is terminated with an MPX connector and is designed to power the receiver and other devices.

The accumulators are delivered in a plastic mounting pad with velcro fastener. The rubber grommets of the pad reduce transmission of vibration.