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Electronic Speed Controllers

The speed controllers are available in 2 main types; for brushed motors (DC – commutator) and for brushless motors BLDC. Other factors in the selection of the controller are the voltage range of the drive batteries, current demands of the motor, and the  method used to power the receiver and servos. Jeti speed controllers normally provide thermal protection, protection of the battery against low voltage (LVC), and over current protection. BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuit) controllers include an integrated circuit to provide a stabilized power supply to power the receiver and servos. 

Several product lines of electronic speed controllers for versatile use in model hobby. Available are DC controllers as well as AC synchronous speed controllers. You can select from our solutions for airplane models, helicopters, multicopters and boats.

The MEZON EVO controllers are a successor of the previous product line of the MEZON PRO speed controllers.
The main advantages of this series are very effective cooling, complete telemetry, governor and F3A mode.
MEZON EVO controllers have an aluminum box (except LMR types) which helps with efficient cooling.
The setup wizard helps the user intuitively and quickly set up the controller from the JETI Duplex transmitter.
MEZON EVO is a completely universal controller for models of airplanes, helicopters, ships and vehicles for users not only of JETI Duplex transmitters, but also of other RC systems.