JETI model s.r.o.

R14 (R18) receiver backup by Rsat2 or Rsat900 receiver via PPM communication.

Connection of receiver R14 (or R18) and satellite Rsat2 / Rsat900 using PPM signal.

Bind the main and backup receivers with the DC/DS transmitter in Double Path mode (or Rsat900 backup receiver). In the main receiver R14 (R18) set the inputs SAT1 and SAT2 as PPM input, you can also set Fail-Safe for servos (we recommend at least cut the throttle off). In the backup receiver, please deactivate the Fail-Safe and set the PPM to output and define the required number of channels (max. PPM 16 channels).

At Rsat2 satellite receivers the PPM is generated at the BATT/PPM output. The Rsat900 receivers have fully adjustable outputs E1 and E2.





The complete procedure is shown in the video below.