JETI model s.r.o.


The Central Box is a switchboard designed for the complete management of servos in a model with an emphasis on safety.

  • DUPLEX EX Rsat 2

    Rsat2 satellite receiver for use with other JETI model products.

    PPM output is available on a single line.

  • DUPLEX Rsat 900 MHz

    Backup receiver compatible with JETI EX 900 & EX Bus protocols. Supports telemetry functions.

    Additional features:

    • PPM input
    • PPM output
    • Integrated expander for EX & EX Bus devices
    • UDI…
  • DUPLEX Rsat 900 MHz NG

    The Duplex RSAT 900 NG (Next Generation) series receivers are designed for operation with JETI DC/DS transmitters fitted with a 900MHz NG module.

    These 900MHz NG receivers have a better signal…

  • Magnetic key

    Replacement magnetic key for electronic switches from JETI model s.r.o.

  • Magnetic Switch

    The Magnetic switch is an electronic switching device designed to be used as a switch for JETI model products. A big advantage of electronic switches in comparison to mechanical switches is that, in…

  • Radio Control Switch – RCSW

    RCSW - RC Switch is a wireless switch designed especially for JETI model products (BEC stabilizers, Central Box and other accessories) that increase the comfort of model control. RC Switch can be…

  • Switch EXPANDER SW4

    The Expander SW4 is an extension for magnetic and RC switches and is designed for switching multiple devices simultaneously. The JETI model company produces a wide range of devices that can be…

  • USB adapter

    The USB Adapter transfers information between a PC and Jeti model products. It is, in fact, an adaptation means between the PC USB interface and the data connector Ext. with appropriate USB support,…