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Power Ion RB 2600

Power Ion RB 2600
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Power Ion RB 2600 - They are a basic set with a capacity of 2.6Ah for powering the on-board system.

Important warning (relevant notifications):
•    Power Ion accumulators do not need to be balanced when charging.
•    Charge only with Li-Ion/Li-Po battery chargers with voltage limitation to 4.2V per cell
•    Do not discharge the accumulator below 2.5V per cell
•    Do not discharge the accumulator beyond the maximum discharge currents listed.
•    Do not charge at currents higher than those listed as maximum charging currents.
•    Prevent any short circuit, short circuiting usually leads to irreversible destruction of the accumulator.
•    Prevent accumulator cells from overheating above 80 °C.
•    Do not use accumulators with a damaged housing cover or insulating foil.
•    Avoid contact with water and other liquids.
•    Mishandling of the accumulator may cause explosion, injury, fire.




Weight [g] 136
Dimensions [mm] 104 x 47 x 32
Discharge - Continuous current [A] 20
Discharge - Peak current [A] 40
Cell type Li-Ion
Capacity [mAh] 2600
Rated voltage [V] 7.2
Max. cell voltage [V] 4.2
Max. battery voltage [V] 8.4
Pack type 2S1P
Charge current 4


Manual for Power Ion RB - Czech, English, German