JETI model s.r.o.

Accu Power Ion

For the production of Power Ion accumulators we use strictly branded Sony-Murata Li-Ion batteries (accumulators). Individual battery cells are sorted and selected before assembly according to strict criterias. This ensures high reliability and long accumulator life even when charging without balancing. All available Power Ion accumulators cell types have a maximum charging voltage of 4. 2V per cell.

The following cell types are used for the production of the Power Ion accumulators:

Cell type

Power Ion

Power Ion

Capacity [Ah] 

2,6  3,1

Max. charge current [A]

4 4

Max. discharge current continuous [A]

30 20

Max. discharge current peak [A] 

60 40

Weight [g] 

47 46,5

Internal resistance [mΩ]

10 12,8