JETI model s.r.o.

REX receiver backup by secondary receiver via EX Bus communication.

Bind the primary and secondary receivers with the DC/DS transmitter in Double Path mode (or set the backup receiver to CLONE mode). All REX receivers are equipped with fully adjustable inputs E1 and E2. Select for one of these inputs in the settings  EX Bus input/backup (min. irmware version REX 1.13 and REX Assist 1.12). In the main receiver you can set Fail-Safe for servos (we recommend at least set up for throttle - cut off). In the backup receiver please disable Fail-Safe function and set up the output to EX Bus mode.
At the Rsat2 satellite receivers the EX Bus signal is generated at the Ext. output and the REX or Rsat900 receivers are equipped with fully adjustable E1 and E2 outputs.


Connection of REX receiver and Rsat2 backup receiver. 












Connection of REX receiver and 900MHz backup receiver.