JETI model s.r.o.


  • JETI studio 1.1.6

    26.09.2022 10:11
    JETI studio 1.1.6

    New Features:

    • Added support for MEZON EVO.
    • Added support for upcoming devices.

    You can download it here.


  • Limited edition of DC/DS-24

    29.06.2021 18:18
    Limited edition of DC/DS-24

    We would like to introduce you a special limited edition of ten DC/DS-24 transmitters, which was created for the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II.

    Unfortunately, the release of this series last year was significantly affected by a global pandemic, which also affected our plans. The limited edition is intended for end customers, collectors and fans of JETI and is created in the spirit of flying legends of World War II. Each transmitter has original design, which was artistically painted directly on the transmitter (Airbrush).

    You can find more information and photos here.

  • Transmitter update SW 5.06

    30.06.2021 14:26
    Transmitter update SW 5.06

    New version SW 5.06 intended for JETI DC/DS transmitters.

    The update can be done by the new Jeti Studio v1.1.4.

    New Features:

    • Support for R4 RES (device explorer)
    • Support for DC/DS-14 II transmitters
    • Added information about the active throttle channel in the "other model options" menu
    • DC/DS-16 II - increased number of telemetry controls to 16
    • Negative values for "trim-max" are enabled in the function assignment menu
    • Automatic reloading of the telemetry sensor if the user has changed any description of its parameters (MULi6S Module)
    • Added Czech and German language for “MULi6S Module” sensor
    • Possibility to deactivate the "inactivity alarm" in the transmitter
    • Setting the minimum volume in the transmitter completely mute the sounds (also added “mute” icon)

  • Two updates

    30.05.2021 21:28
    Two updates

    Two updates have been released via JETI Studio.

    • REX Assist v1.19 (03/2021) - Airplane pitch with Assist enabled is no longer affected by acceleration (Horizon mode).
    • MVario2 FAI F5J v2.05 (03/2021) - Supports new sensor revision.

  • Central Box update v1.10

    30.05.2021 21:35
    Central Box update v1.10

    New version of SW v1.10 intended for Central Box 210/220.

    • Time interval of the RX alarm was modified to 2s.
    • Extension the compatibility for Futaba R7008SB (S.BUS)

    The update can be done by the Jeti Studio.