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DC-24 Limited edition - Dark Red Color

 DC-24 Limited edition - Dark Red Color
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DC/DS Transmitters

Precise RC transmitters benefit from all of the features that the Duplex 2,4GHz EX system can offer.

The transmitters contain an advanced user interface that allows you almost unlimited programming. On-line and off-line telemetry are available as well as alarms, custom audio playback etc.

The design goals were maximum utility, durability, and reliablity of their mechanical parts along with simple handling. The metal case, with its chemically resistant finish, provides maximum protection for the interior components. The straightforward case shape makes servicing easy. The control gimbals, ball bearing equipped with their magnetic Hall sensors are another revolutionary design concept used to make the DC/DS among the world’s most advanced R/C systems.

Purposefully placed at the top of the transmitter, the 3.5" sunlight readable color LCD with its wide viewing angle offers nearly perfect visibility in just about any lighting condition. Thanks to its high resolution display and use of a relatively large number of graphic images it was possible to create a simple and intuitive setup procedure for displaying telemetric data.

The DUPLEX EX family of products have been equipped with an improved real-time telemetry system which can be viewed on the LCD transmitter display. The transmitter allows the setup of voice notifications, both preinstalled and user created, which can be related to telemetric values, user set alarms, or signals which have been assigned to conditions of various control elements.

The DC series transmitters are designed for the Tray

The DC-24 transmitter

A variant of the top RC transmitter Limited Edition.

Package contents:
1. Limited Edition Generation I DC-24 Transmitter
2. Aluminum case DCII
3. Receiver Rsat900 I.generation
4. Receiver REX10 Assist
5. DUPLEX pad
6. Charger
7. Set of keys
8. Cloth DUPLEX
9. USB cable

A color TFT LCD display placed on the top side of the transmitter offers perfect legibility at any lighting condition and a large surveillance angle. Thanks to the high display resolution and application of a relatively big ammount of graphic images it was possible to create a simple and intuitive setting procedure, especially for displaying telemetric data.

Duplex 2.4GHz – the DC transmitters feature the Duplex 2.4GHz, frequency hopping, digital, data stream system. This system has been reliably used for many years.
Duplex 900MHz - the DC-24 transmitters feature a backup wireless system for unmatched data transmission safety and reliability. This is the first dual-band RC radio system.
Built-in Telemetry – from the start, the DC/DS transmitters were designed and built with many attractive features and include the full integration of all Duplex telemetry sensors.
Precise Gimbals – the transmitter gimbals are equipped with Hall sensors and ball bearings for precision movement with an almost unlimited lifespan.
Haptic feedback - the gimbals are equipped with stick shaking vibration motors that can be used for alarm notifications, timers etc.
LCD Display – color 3.5" TFT LCD display with 320 x 240 resolution which is highly visable under any light conditions.
Li-Ion Battery – provides a proven and reliable energy source with a high capacity (6200mAh) and a long service life.
Easy Charging – simply connect the wall power supply, optional car charger, or any 12v Dc power supply to the transmitters charge port. The DC/DS may also be charged through the USB to PC interface. The charging progress is shown on the DC/DS display.
Integrated Antenna – the antennas are located behind fully integrated covers in both the DC-24 and DS-24 cases for protection against mechanical damage.
Large Memory – Internal SD card for storing models, sounds, and telemetry data.
USB Connector – convenient connection to your PC. Fast firmware & sound upgrades, telemetry data downloads.
Fast Navigation – 3D wheel-style interface combined with function keys allow for speedy navigation within the DC/DS menu.
Digital Trims – fully programmable trims and a revolutionary automatic trimming function.
Swappable and Assignable Switches – all of the switches on the DC/DS transmitters (2- or 3-position) can be easily moved and assigned to create a custom configuration that works best for your application.
Programming – the logical and intuitive transmitter firmware is designed to be simple to use. Just follow the step-by-step screens. The creation of a new model can be accomplished with just a few easy steps.
Sounds/Alarms – the DC/DS transmitters are equipped with audible alarms and also allows the use of user-recordable alarms and sounds to keep you fully informed while also keeping distractions to a minimum.
Integrated microphone with voice recognition capability - using the integrated microphone you can easily prepare your own audio files. Furthermore, you can teach the transmitter to respond to several voice commands.
FM Tuner - allows listening to your favourite fm radio station at the field.


Weight [g] 1500
Transmitter Aluminum Case Yes - DCII silver
Transmitter Battery Pack (mAh) 6200
Backlit LCD 3.5
Memory, SD Card 8 GB
Gimbal Hall Sensors/Vibration Yes / No
Stick Resolution 4096
Transmitter Frame Aluminum
Gimbals & Buttons Aluminum
Number of antenas 2.4GHz/900MHz 4 / 1
Dimensions [mm] 230x270x40
Output Power - 2.4GHz [mW] 100
Operational temperature [°C] - 10 to 60
Channels 24
Control Inputs (Stick/Switch/Knob) 18
Backup Module 900MHz Active
Flight Modes 10
Free Mixes 30
Data Graphs Active
Audio Player Active
Logical Switches 24
Number of Remote Commands 24
Servo Sequencer 10
Timers 10
Displayed Telemetry Values 40
Sound on Events 40
Alarms 40
Vibration Alarms Active
Voice Output Active
MP3 Active
Microphone Active
Gyro Settings 3
Servo Balancer Active
Function Curves Active
Throttle Limiter (heli) Active
Variometer Active
Flight Mode Trim Active
Data Stream Logging 80
Telemetry Controls 16
Voice Commands 15
Lua Apps 10
Ditex Servo Telemetry 16
Double Path Active
Accelerometer No
RF modules 2.4GHz/900MHz 2 / 1 (I. generation) 863 - 870 MHz (EU), 902 - 928 MHz (US)
Control Inputs (Stick/Switch/Knob) 18


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Manual for Duplex transmitters - "Main menu" - Germany


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Manual for Duplex Transmitters DC/DS-24 - Czech


Manual for Duplex Transmitters DC/DS-24 - Germany


Manual for Duplex Transmitters DC/DS-24 - English


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