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Transmitter Duplex DS16 II.- Carbon Line RED

Transmitter Duplex DS16 II.- Carbon Line RED
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They retain all the functionality of the first generation.

In addition, they have:

• color display
• support MP3 files
• internal microphone
• voice commands (as an extension)
• back-up RF 900MHz NG module (as an extension)
• the package includes a REX 10 receiver and a strap
New for OCTOBER 2020


Voice Commands up to 16
VF modul 900MHz
Enables the NG back-up transmitter module in the 900MHz band NG (Next Generation). The DS-12 transmitters feature a backup wireless system for high data transmission safety and reliability.
Free Mixes up to 25
Increases the number of free mixes from 5 to 20. Configuration of free mixes is carried out in Fine Tuning › Free Mixes.
Logicswitches up to 24
Enables the function of 16 logical switches that determine their output according to the position of up to two assigned controls. You can also assign the output of each logical switch as the input of any model function. This way it is possible to create several virtual controls very easily that can be used to control the securing of landing gear, start timers or the activation of aerodynamic brakes. The configuration is available in Advanced Properties › Logical Switches.
Number of remote commands up to 24
Activation of 16 control commands for controlling devices connected via EX Bus. By the simple move of a switch on the transmitter it is possible e.g. to delete maximums and minimums recorded in the Central Box after each flight. The control commands can be understood as extra channels for additional functions of the model. The summary of active commands is to be found in Model › Device Explorer.
Sequencer up to 10
Activation of up to 6 user adjustable sequences. The start is carried out via an assigned control. Using the sequencer, you can easily achieve realistic landing gear retraction in scale models, in addition it is possible to control periodic events, such as position lights blinking. Setting the sequences is possible in Advanced Properties › Sequencer.
Event sounds up to 30
Increases the number of programmable sounds on events from 5 to 20. The sound file can start playing according to the condition of the assigned driver. Suitable as notification if extra functions of the model are active, such as landing gear retraction or flaps activation. The configuration of sounds on events is available in Advanced Properties › Sounds on Event.