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Transmitter Duplex DS-14 EX MM

Transmitter Duplex DS-14 EX MM
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This DS-14 is based on the model DS-16 (first generation). Unlike the DS-16, the DS-14 offers a unique concept of individual feature setup based upon the requirements of each customer. The transmitter is available in a basic configuration that will meet the needs of most users for most model types.

The DS-14 features newly designed gimbal sticks. We managed to keep all the characteristics of the plastic sticks used, mainly thanks to high-quality materials and Hall sensors inside the sticks which are fully supported by high quality ball bearings.

Duplex 2.4GHz – the DS-14 transmitters feature the Duplex 2.4GHz, frequency hopping, digital, data stream system, originally developed by JETI model in the Czech Republic. This system has been reliably used for many years.

Built-in Telemetry – from the start, the DS-14 transmitters were designed and built with many attractive features and include the full integration of all Duplex telemetry sensors.

Transmitters - the DC/DS designs use premium quality materials and emphasize state-of-the-art appearance and user comfort.

Precise Gimbals – the transmitter gimbals are equipped with Hall sensors and ball bearings for precision movement with an almost unlimited lifespan.

The DUPLEX EX product family has been equipped with an improved telemetric data transfer system and the subsequent data processing on the LCD transmitter display or analysis on a PC. The transmitter allows  setup of acoustical notifications (optionally created by the user himself), which are related to the actual telemetric values or to sound signals assigned to conditions of particular control elements. 

Duplex 2,4GHz – for flight control and reception of telemetric data from the model to the transmitter the DC-14 takes advantage of the wireless system Duplex 2,4GHz, which has been developed by the JETI company as well. The data transfer system Duplex 2,4GHz is very reliable and has been verified during many years.

LCD Display – the 3,8“ backlit display of the DS-14 transmitter with a resolution of 320x240 pixels allows perfect legibility under all lighting conditions.

Li-Ion Battery – provides a proven and reliable energy source with a high capacity (6200mAh) and a long service life.

Easy Charging – simply connect the wall power supply, optional car charger, or any 12V DC power supply to the transmitters charge port.The DC/DS may also be charged through the USB to PC interface. The charging progress is shown on the DC/DS display.

Integrated Antenna – the antennas are located behind fully integrated covers in both the DC/DS cases for protection against mechanical damage.

Large Memory – Internal SD card for storing models, sounds, and telemetry data.

USB Connector – convenient connection to your PC. Fast firmware & sound upgrades, telemetry data downloads.

Fast Navigation – 3D wheel-style interface combined with function keys allow for speedy navigation within the DC/DS menu.

Digital Trims – fully programmable trims and a revolutionary automatic trimming function.

Swappable and Assignable Switches – all of the switches on the DC/DS transmitters (2- or 3-position) can be easily moved and assigned to create a custom configuration that works best for your application.

Programming – the logical and intuitive transmitter firmware is designed to be simple to use. Just follow the step-by-step screens. The creation of a new model can be accomplished with just a few
easy steps.

Sounds/Alarms – the DC/DS transmitters are equipped with audible alarms and also allows the use of user-recordable alarms and sounds to keep you fully informed while also keeping distractions to a minimum.


Additional software extensions 

For individual setting of the transmitter there is a configurator available at After the simple registration of your transmitter it is possible to select additional features based upon your individual demands. For example, if you fly only helicopter models, select such features as "Throttle Limiter" or "Gyro Settings" but you will probably not need to increase the number of flight modes. These are more suitable for controlling glider models.


Manual for Duplex Transmitters DC/DS-14 - Czech


Manual for Duplex Transmitters DC/DS-14 - Germany


Manual for Duplex Transmitters DC/DS-14 - English



Activation of accelerometer integrated in the transmitter. Tilting the transmitter can then control extra functions or trigger voice outputs of telemetry and other values. Configuration of accelerometer is available in Advanced Properties ›Accelerometer.
Alarms up to 20
Increases number of user adjustable alarms to 20. Select this feature if you want to be always kept informed about the condition of your power batteries, exceeded height or of any other data. Example: If you set several successive alarms on reaching certain battery capacity, you will always be informed about the phase of your flight and if it is necessary to land. If you have the „Voice Output“ mode activated, you can also get information about the value of a specific data item. Setting the alarms is available in Timers/Sensors › Alarms.
Audio player
Activates the function of audio files player. You can easily upload any audio file in wav format to the transmitter and play it via this application. Useful when flying to music or as background sound. The function is available in Applictions › Audio Player.
Event sounds up to 10
Increases the number of programmable sounds on events from 5 to 10. The sound file can start playing according to the condition of the assigned driver. Suitable as notification if extra functions of the model are active, such as landing gear retraction or flaps activation. The configuration of sounds on events is available in Advanced Properties › Sounds on Event.
Function curves
Makes it possible to use a curve to define the relationship between the position of the control and the resulting position of a servo. After activating this module it is possible to use the curve for any model function. The setting is available in Fine Tuning › Function Curves.
Flight Modes - up to 6
Increases the number of programmable flight modes from 3 to 6. Good choice if you fly with helicopter or glider models and the basic number of flight modes is not enough for you. Setting of the flight modes is carried out in Fine Tuning › Flight Modes.
Free Mixes up to 12
Increases the number of free mixes from 5 to 12. Configuration of free mixes is carried out in Fine Tuning › Free Mixes.
Gyro settings up to 3
Increases the number of gyroscope adjustable functions that can be used in one model up to 3. This way you can easily tune the gain of each axis of a flybarless stabilization system. The configuration of gyro functions is available in Fine Tuning › Gyro Settings.
Channels - up to14
Increases the number of the transmitter channels from 8 to 14. If you fly large model airplanes with advanced wing mechanization and 8 channels is not enough for you, activate this module.
Logicswitches up to 10
Enables the function of 10 logical switches that determine their output according to the position of up to two assigned controls. You can also assign the output of each logical switch as the input of any model function. This way it is possible to create several virtual controls very easily that can be used to control the securing of landing gear, start timers or the activation of aerodynamic brakes. The configuration is available in Advanced Properties › Logical Switches.
Activates the possibility of acoustic expression of the vario output via tones. The vario is very helpful when searching for thermals and generally when flying in thermals with model sailplanes. After activating the module you can choose the tone range and other parameters in Timers/Sensors › Vario.
Number of remote commands up to 8
Activation of eight control commands for controlling devices connected via EX Bus. By the simple move of a switch on the transmitter it is possible e.g. to delete maximums and minimums recorded in the Central Box after each flight. The control commands can be understood as extra channels for additional functions of the model. The summary of active commands is to be found in Model › Device Explorer.
Sequencer up to 3
Activation of up to 3 user adjustable sequences. The start is carried out via an assigned control. Using the sequencer, you can easily achieve realistic landing gear retraction in scale models, in addition it is possible to control periodic events, such as position lights blinking. Setting the sequences is possible in Advanced Properties › Sequencer.
Servo balancer
Activates the balancer function for up to 14 channels. The servo balancer is suitable for large models that have control surfaces driven by several linked servos. This can fine-tune the servo positions so that the resulting movement of the surfaces is synchronous without mutual force interaction. Servo Balancer is available in Model › Servo Setup.
Secondary transmitter module
Enables the use of the secondary transmitter module in wireless connection of Trainer/Student mode and at the same time it enables the pairing of another receiver in full (Normal) mode. Both receivers in the model then operate completely independently, they are controlled by independent transmitter modules and each receiver sends its own telemetry data. This function is useful for pilots of large models when using more than one receiver. The configuration of „Double Path“ mode is available in Advanced Properties › Wireless Modes/Trainer.
Timer up to 6
Increases number of timers from 3 to 6. Suitable for pilots in competition categories, where they perform several tasks in a specified time. The pilot thus gets a perfect overview of the flight time, motor time or a lap time. The configuration of timers is available in Timers/Sensors › Timers.
Telemetry analysis via graphs
Activates the possibility of analyzing telemetry data from the records using graphs Then it is possible to analyze the time course for up to three telemetry values immediately after the flight. The function is available in Application › Data Analyzer.
Telemetry Controls
Not only can you display telemetry data, record it to your SD card or have it voice announced, now it is possible to control specific model functions using sensor inputs. This way, some tasks that previously required manual adjustment via visual estimation or alarms can now > be automated.Up to 8 controls labeled MX1 – MX8 are available.
Throttle limiter
Activates the function of adjustable throttle limiter. Suitable for model helicopters where it enables a smooth start from zero RPM up to a set RPM. Available in Fine Tuning › Throttle Limiter.
Values on display up to 20
Increases maximum number of telemetry items displayed on the main screen from 10 to 20. If you want to display a large number of telemetry data items, activate this option. The data can be easily arranged in individual screens through which you can browse. You can configure the displayed items in Timers/Sensors › Main Screen.
Voice output
Activates the voice interpretation of telemetry data via speaker or headphones. The numerical outputs of telemetry sensors are read to the user. Setting of individual announced values is available in Timers/Sensors › Voice Output.