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The TX-MSW extension module

The TX-MSW extension module
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The transmitters of the DS series are designed for thumb control.
These transmitters can be placed in a counter for these transmitters.

Purposefully placed at the top of the transmitter, the 3.5" sunlight readable color LCD with its wide viewing angle offers nearly perfect visibility in just about any lighting condition. Thanks to its high resolution display and use of a relatively large number of graphic images it was possible to create a simple and intuitive setup procedure for displaying telemetric data.
The DUPLEX EX family of products have been equipped with an improved real-time telemetry system which can be viewed on the LCD transmitter display. The transmitter allows the setup of voice notifications, both preinstalled and user created, which can be related to telemetric values, user set alarms, or signals which have been assigned to conditions of various control elements.
The DS-12 offers concept of individual feature setup based upon the requirements of each customer. The transmitter is available in a basic configuration that will meet the needs of most users for most model
types. For individual setting of the transmitter there is a configurator available at After the simple registration of your transmitter it is possible to select additional features based upon your individual demands.

Accesories for DS-12

Transmitter expansion module for six buttons or switches for DC/DS transmitters.


DC-14 Yes
DC-14II Yes
DC-16 Yes
DC-16II Yes
DC-24 Yes
DC-24II No
DS-12 Yes
DS-14 Yes
DS-14II Yes
DS-16 Yes
DS-16II Yes
DS-24 Yes
DS-24II No