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SPIN 165 Opto

SPIN 165 Opto
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Electronic Speed Controllers

The speed controllers are available in 2 main types; for brushed motors (DC – commutator) and for brushless motors BLDC. Other factors in the selection of the controller are the voltage range of the drive batteries, current demands of the motor, and the  method used to power the receiver and servos. Jeti speed controllers normally provide thermal protection, protection of the battery against low voltage (LVC), and over current protection. BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuit) controllers include an integrated circuit to provide a stabilized power supply to power the receiver and servos. 

Several product lines of electronic speed controllers for versatile use in model hobby. Available are DC controllers as well as AC synchronous speed controllers. You can select from our solutions for airplane models, helicopters, multicopters and boats.

The SPIN pro controller series is a successor of the former brushless series of SPIN controller family. The new line with the attribute PRO offers in comparison with the predecessors increased adjustment possibilities like automatic motor timing, directly in volts practicable shut-off voltage adjustments, tuning of start-up properties for different motor types as well as new possibilities of mode activation for setting up autorotation of helicopters.

The SPIN pro series of controllers can be programed using the JETIBOX. Connecting a SPIN pro controller and JETIBOX allows  nearly unlimited range of programing options to help optimise the power system for any model.

The SPIN Pro 165 OPTO controller is intended for controlling BLDC motors.

The parameters of the controller can be set by JETI BOX. The controller can be set up in three mode: normal (aircraft), fast response (3D aerobatic) and constant RPM (Heli).

SPIN Pro controllers have adjustable thermal protection, detection of batteries against undercharging, direction of rotation of the motor, fully adjustable brake.

USB programmability allows you to update the ESC to the latest firmware right from home using Jeti USB Adapter and your PC with JETI Studio.

The controller has an improved SW, which allows the use of new multi-pole motors (for example: AXI 81xx, Hacker Q80, XPWR 60, etc.).

Properties Dimensions: 97x55x31 mm

Weight: 208 g

Telemetry: JETI BOX

Supply Voltage: 12 - 50 V

Sustained current: 165 A

Manual for SPIN PRO "MENU JETIBOX" - Czech


Manual for SPIN PRO "MENU JETIBOX" - English/German


Manual for SPIN PRO - Czech/English/German