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Servo extension cable 0,34mm² - 60cm

Servo extension cable 0,34mm² - 60cm
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The system is continuously improved. Thanks to online updates the improvements are easily accessible to users from any part of the world. From the very beginning bidirectional transmission has been a distinctive feature of the Duplex system, this not only handles telemetry data, but it also helps to ensure secure primarily transmission safety between the transmitter and receiver.

The Duplex EX telemetry system uses an open protocol. This gives the advantage of compatibility with a large number of telemetry sensors from both JETI model and third party producers. For the display of telemetry data you can use purposely designed equipment like the JETIBOX profi and DC/DS transmitters or you can display the data on PCs.

The cable is intended to extend the servo cable with standard JR/Hitec connectors in length of 60cm. This extension cable is twisted and has very precise connectors designed for the high current load of powerful digital servo. The conductor cross-section is 0.34mm² and they have PVC insulation (conductor color: orange - signal, red +, brown -).