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MEZON 50 Pro

MEZON 50 Pro
Art. No.:

Power full MEZON PRO controllers can be used in a wide variety of applications. They come with strong BEC, full JETI Duplex EX telemetry and programmability via the Device Explorer of JETI Duplex DS/DC transmitters. Forward/reverse motor operation is also possible.

Weight [g] 90
Dimensions [mm] 26 x 23 x 83
Sustained current [A] 50
Telemetry Yes
Operational temperature [°C] -10 to 85
Supply Voltage [V] 6 to 51
Batteries LiXX 2 to 12
Max. Current BEC [A] 15
Voltage BEC [V] 5 to 8.4
Resistance in conducting state [mΩ] 2 x 1.2
Cable crossection (input/output) [mm²] 2.5 / 2.5
OPTO (optically separated radio signal from the power management) No

Manual for MEZON PRO - Czech/English/Germany/France