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The system is continuously improved. Thanks to online updates the improvements are easily accessible to users from any part of the world. From the very beginning bidirectional transmission has been a distinctive feature of the Duplex system, this not only handles telemetry data, but it also helps to ensure secure primarily transmission safety between the transmitter and receiver.

The Duplex EX telemetry system uses an open protocol. This gives the advantage of compatibility with a large number of telemetry sensors from both JETI model and third party producers. For the display of telemetry data you can use purposely designed equipment like the JETIBOX profi and DC/DS transmitters or you can display the data on PCs.

The DUPLEX EX line of receivers is intended for operation with DUPLEX Tx transmitter modules in the 2,4GHz band. Thanks to the fully digital and bidirectional communication between transmitter and receiver there arise completely new aspects in the model remote control branch.
An additional satellite receiver RSat2 complements the receivers R9,  R14 and R18. This receiver is a full DUPLEX system receiver offering the complete functional spectrum of the system.

9 channel receiver compatible with JETI EX & EX Bus protocols. Supports telemetry functions. Power supply can be provided by any of the servo JR connectors.

Additional features:

  • PPM input (Sat1)


Weight [g] 13
Dimensions [mm] 51 x 24 x 11
Number of channels 9
Antenna Length [mm] 2x 200
Average Current [mA] 30
Satellite receiver support Yes
Assist stabilization No


Manuál for Duplex receivers "Rx" MENU JETIBOX - English

Tree-3.24 +CE-2020 EN-tisk.pdf

Manuál for Duplex receivers "Rx" - Czech


Manuál for Duplex receivers "Rx" - English and Germany


Manual for Duplex receivers "Rx" - Czech


Manual for Duplex receivers "Rx" - English and Germany


Tree Jetibox + Declaration of comfornity

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