JETI Duplex: Discontinued receivers

JETI Duplex: Discontinued receivers

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Duplex R4, Duplex R4Car,  Duplex R5, Duplex R6, Duplex R6F, Duplex R6G, Duplex R7, Duplex R8, Duplex R10,  Duplex R12,   Duplex R14,  Duplex R18, Duplex RSat, Duplex Rsat2. 

Firmware Update: Receivers, controllers, sensors, Tx Modules

Firmware Update: Receivers, controllers, sensors, Tx Modules
This article describes the procedure of how to update the electronic devices manufactured by JETI model. Prior performing the update, you should obtain a USB Adapter or JETIBOX profi that is able to function as a USB adapter as well.

Receivers Duplex R14, R18 and their satellites

These receivers fill the last gap in Duplex receiver line and they are designed mainly for big and huge RC planes. We can see effort to make it as safe and reliable as possible. After the first insight into the receiver we can see that they did not only add more output connectors and pushed up the price. The only difference between R14 and R18 is the number of output channels. Other functions are the same thus the text bellow is written only about 18 channel receiver Duplex R18.
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