GOLD Edition
JETI model celebrated 25th anniversary this year and released Limited Edition of DC-24 and DS-24.
MEZON PRO now available

The MEZON PRO controllers are a successor of the previous product line of the Mezon speed controllers. They contain a lot of new features and improvements, such as comfortable configuration via the JETI DC/DS transmitters, proportional brake, bidirectional motor operation, EX Bus configuration etc.

MEZON PRO controllers are available in OPTO, standard (BEC) and LMR versions. 

Available products

REX V1.12 & REX Assist V1.10

Lots of new features have been included in the latest updates for standard REX and REX Assist receivers:

Duplex REX Assist V1.10
Comes with a lot of fixes and enhancements. Horizon and Training flight modes have been optimized, introducing 2D flight mode. To see a full list of features and modifications please visit the release notes.


Duplex REX V1.12
With EX Bus backup and signal forwarding.

Download here

All updates can be handled easily by JETI Studio. Please download the latest device definitions to your transmitter (simply update the transmitter to V4.28 via JETI Studio, the necessary files will be downloaded automatically).


Download JETI Studio




Ordering type

JETI DITEX - Digital Telemetry Servo TD0807W

Art. No.: DTS-TD0807W
JETI DITEX - Digital Telemetry Servo TD0807W

The DITEX TD0807W is truly a special wing servo. Very compact, extremely durable, the TD0807W is the ultimate solution for hotliners, gliders, and jets where a very low-profile servo is required. A true strength of 72 Ncm and a speed of 0,07sec / 60 ° make the DITEX Wing servo one of the quickest, strongest and safest servos for these demanding applications.


JETI DITEX - Digital Telemetry Servo TD0905L

Art. No.: DTS-TD0905L
JETI DITEX - Digital Telemetry Servo TD0905L

The DITEX TD0905L bring all of the DITEX engineering to the low profile / standard size form factor.  The lower height, of course, allows racers to take advantage of the TD0905L’s series true and reliable  85 Ncm of torque at 8,4 V. The sensational speed of 0,05sec / 60° and maximum precision of the DITEX encoder chip make this servo one of the quickest servos in the market. Don’t forget, all the innovative programmable functionalities of the DITEX series are packed into the TD0905L too!


JETI DITEX - Digital Telemetry Servo TD1609S

Art. No.: DTS-TD1609S
JETI DITEX - Digital Telemetry Servo TD1609S
The DITEX TD1609S servo delivers 162 Ncm (8,4V) at a speed of 0,08sec / 60° and includes all the innovative DITEX technologies. These servos are perfect for everything from 3D helicopters, giant scale aerobats and monster scale models where ultimate reliability, strength and flexible programming are required.

JETI DITEX - Digital Telemetry Servo TD2612S

Art. No.: DTS-TD2612S
JETI DITEX - Digital Telemetry Servo TD2612S

DITEX TD2612S is the king of DITEX ultra torque servos.  Delivering an incredible 265 Ncm (8,4V) of torque at a speed of 0,12sec / 60 ° while requiring an amazingly modest amp draw.  These servos will get the job done with authority and won’t bring the power supply to its knees.  Of course, all of DITEX TD2612S is the king of DITEX ultra torque servos.


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