Big March Update is here

Lots of new features have been included in the latest updates for transmitters, receivers and JETI Studio PC software:

JETI Studio V1.1.0
It comes with new Transmitter wizard, Lua apps manager and automatic updates of the transmitters.

Download JETI Studio

DC/DS Firmware update V4.27

Update your transmitter to the latest version directly from JETI Studio. New transmitter features:
- DITEX telemetry support
- Updated vario settings
- New voice announcements...


Duplex REX V1.10
With DITEX telemetry support. All updates can be handled easily by JETI Studio.

DITEX: Telemetry Update Process



JETI Studio & Central Box 400 Updates

JETI Studio V1.0.5 comes with several new functions and additional optitmizations/fixes.

- Import log files from the MGPS EX sensor directly.
- List of available device updates can be easily displayed in the updater dialog.

More information


Central Box 400 V1.0.9 now supports additional 3rd satellite on its Ext. input.

Download the update


Important notice for DC-24 owners

We strongly recommend to owners of the DC-24 transmitters to update their transmitters with the latest version 4.24. More information can be found in the

Downloads - Firmware update section 

JETI DITEX - Digital Telemetry Servo TD0807W

Art. No.: 
JETI DITEX - Digital Telemetry Servo TD0807W
Weight [g] 32
Dimensions [mm] 35 x 10 x 30
Supply Voltage [V] 4.8 ... 10
Torque (6V) [kg/cm] 6.1
Torque (7.4V) [kg/cm] 6.6
Torque (8.2V) [kg/cm] 7.2
Speed (6V) [s] 0.11
Speed (7.4V) [s] 0.10
Speed (8.2V) [s] 0.08
Motor Coreless DC
Gearbox material metal
Compatible horn (Ø6mm) 25-teeth Spline (Futaba compatible)

Files for download

DITEX Manager

DITEX Manager V1.42 (4/2017) - Installer for MS Windows (52MB)
Manual DITEX Manager [DE] - German User Manual
Manual DITEX Manager [EN] - English User Manual

The DITEX TD0807W is truly a special wing servo. Very compact, extremely durable, the TD0807W is the ultimate solution for hotliners, gliders, and jets where a very low-profile servo is required. A true strength of 72 Ncm and a speed of 0,07sec / 60 ° make the DITEX Wing servo one of the quickest, strongest and safest servos for these demanding applications.


DITEXDITEX servos are powered by premium coreless motors that offer high torque and speed. The servos provide telemetry data and are fully programmable (via USB adapter and DITEX Manager software). They offer users the option of personalized user settings.




  • Telemetry Data capable
  • Full-Digital Function
  • Multi-Voltage
  • High Precision ” DITEX” digital encoder
  • 16 bit positioning 
  • Digital-Signal-Processor with 80Mhz
  • High-End Coreless Motor
  • Full-Metall Gears
  • Only Ballbearing


DITEX: Telemetry Update Process

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