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MVario2 EX

The MVario2 EX represents the latest generation of JETI model accurate barometric altitude sensors. With its fast and accurate indication of climb rate, versatility, and high added value, the MVario2 EX is suitable for several applications including official FAI F5J competitions, ALES etc.

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Duplex receiver update available
The long awaited firmware update for the Duplex receiver series is here. The update brings features such as UDI protocol support or the concurrent operation of servos while the PPM output is active. There are options for logical inputs and outputs as well. The update can be found in the Downloads section, direct link here.
RC Switch already available!
Check out our latest product line: RC Switch & RC Power Switch.

FM Receivers

REX receivers are designed to receive frequency modulated signals from all FM transmitters, including synthesized frequency transmitters. REX receivers are available for use in all model control brands, and are suitable for all types of models.

Ordering type

Optic 8

Art. No.: J-Optic8
Optic 8

OPTIC 8 provides absolute isolation of the RC receiver from other electrical equipment in the model. The OPTIC 8 prevents unwanted signals moving along conductors from servos, speed controllers, and other devices connected to the on–board electrical system.


Art. No.: JR-5MPD-40

Microprocessor Pulse Decoding

REX MPD receivers are designed to receive FM signals in the 27, 35, 35B, 36, 40, 41 and 72 MHz bands.

Rex 4 MPD and Rex 5 MPD recievers are small and lightweight, and suitable for use in small and medium sized model aircraft. Rex 7 MPD receivers can be used in larger models. Futaba, Graupner/JR and Hitec plugs are all suitable for connecting the receiver battery and servos to Jeti Rex MPD receivers.

REX 5 plus

Art. No.: JR-5-40
REX 5 plus
Standard receivers are designed for reception of FM signals in the 27, 35, 35B, 40 MHz radio bands. Due to small size and low
weight, the receivers suit very well small model airplanes with wingspans up to 1500 mm and maximum weights to 1500 g. Suitable types of servo connectors are Futaba, Graupner or Hitec.
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