Transmitter update 5.04
New version SW 5.04 intended for DS-12 and DC-16II transmitters. The update can be done by the new Jeti Studio v1.1.3.
The 900MHz NG (Next Generation) backup module can be enabled (SW 5.04) after the appropriate module activation via the JETI SW shop

Transmitter update 5.03

You can download and install the latest version 5.03 for your transmitter via JETI Studio:

- Redesigned logical switches.
- Various small fixes.

Transmitter update is here
You can download and install the latest version 5.02 for your transmitter via JETI Studio:
- Integrated help for DS-12 and DC/DS-24.
- Lua Enhancements.
- Automatic checking of controls assignment after model change.
- Revised input selection dialog.
- More features and one small surprise.

MVario EX

Art. No.: 
MVario EX
Weight [g] 6
Dimensions [mm] 20 x 11 x 5
Operational temperature [°C] -10 ... 85
Supply Voltage [V] 3,5 ... 8,4
Average Current [mA] 6

Files for download

Update - Sensors

MRPM HALL V1.02 - MRPM HALL Update (11/2018)
MULI6s Module Update V1.04 (4/2018) - MULI6s M Firmware Update
MUI EX Update V2.03 (8/2016) - MUI Update - added energy calculation (wattminutes for F5B)
Mx Update EX (8/2013) - Firmware Update for Sensors

Manuals - MVario EX

MVario EX Manual CZ - Czech User Manual
MVario EX Manual DE - German User Manual
MVario EX Manual EN - English User Manual
Module MVario EX is used for measuring the size of climb, descent, and the relative height. The measurement provides a sensitive sensor of barometric pressure. Range of the sensor is a 100 - 1100 mBar. Module MVario records the maximum height, maximum climb and descent of the model.

For display of measured values is used JETIBOX terminal with the possibility of wireless transmission of information in real time using the DUPLEX 2,4 GHz system. The connection of MVario module and DUPLEX 2,4 GHz system makes it possible to set alarm for the climb and descent of the model in four steps. The range of these steps can be set directly in m/s.

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