JETI Studio V1.1.2 is available
New functions:
- New Artificial horizon widget.
- Added support for new devices, updated configuration files (REX, REX A, MEZON PRO,...).
- Added option to automatically open Transmitter Wizard after connecting the transmitter.
- Also many bugfixes and small enhancements.
GOLD Edition
JETI model celebrated 25th anniversary this year and released Limited Edition of DC-24 and DS-24.
MEZON PRO now available

The MEZON PRO controllers are a successor of the previous product line of the Mezon speed controllers. They contain a lot of new features and improvements, such as comfortable configuration via the JETI DC/DS transmitters, proportional brake, bidirectional motor operation, EX Bus configuration etc.

MEZON PRO controllers are available in OPTO, standard (BEC) and LMR versions. 

Available products

MT125 EX

Art. No.: 
EAN: 8595245909635
MT125 EX
Weight [g] 10
Dimensions [mm] 19 x 14 x 4
Operational temperature [°C] -10 ... 85
Supply Voltage [V] 3,5 - 8,4
Average Current [mA] 7
Number of temperature probes 2
Range of measured temperature [°C] -55 ... 125
Accuracy of measurement [%] 0,5

Files for download

Update - Sensors

MRPM HALL V1.02 - MRPM HALL Update (11/2018)
MULI6s Module Update V1.04 (4/2018) - MULI6s M Firmware Update
MUI EX Update V2.03 (8/2016) - MUI Update - added energy calculation (wattminutes for F5B)
Mx Update EX (8/2013) - Firmware Update for Sensors

Manuals - MT EX

MT EX Manual CZ - Czech User Manual for MT125 and MT300
MT EX Manual DE - German User Manual for MT125 and MT300
MT EX Manual EN - English User Manual for MT125 and MT300
Designation of MT 125 EX Sensors are temperature measurements of devices like motors, controllers, batteries, and other model accessories. Presentation of the measured data is realized by the JETIBOX terminal and the wireless information transfer is ensued with the aid of the DUPLEX 2,4GHz system.

The Duplex System takes advantage of the 2,4GHz-Band for communication which allows not only the transfer of remote control data to the model, but also in the opposite direction to the transmitter. The telemetric data measured during operation are transmitted in real time and the actual state of the data can be depicted on the JETIBOX LCD-display. The MT unit records minimum and maximum temperatures of the individual sensors and delivers besides that their actual values.
The JETIBOX terminal takes care of parameter adjustments as well as of indications of measured data.
The MT 125 EX device consists of two parts. In the first instance of the MT 125 EX module itself, which is recording the data measured by temperature sensors connected to the MT 125 EX module, which on the other hand can be connected to the JETIBOX, to a receiver or to an Expander of the DUPLEX system. Keep an eye on the temperatures of the module and sensors in order not to expose them to temperatures higher than allowable – see technical data table.
The MT 125 EX module allows triggering of acoustic alerts by the individual sensors. These alerts can report of temparature limit violations by too high or too low temperatures exceeding adjusted limits. The acoustic signal is generated by the transmitter module DUPLEX Tx which contains a small siren. The signals are differentiated by Morse codes in order to be able to distinguish between the individual types of alerts referring to individual sensors. The acoustic signalling of parameter violations will be generated even if there is no JETIBOX available. With a connected JETIBOX there will be an indication on its display showing which parameter has been violated. If several parameters have been violated at the same time, the alert sounds change consecutively as well as the indications in the JETIBOX LCD-display.
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