MEZON PRO now available

The MEZON PRO controllers are a successor of the previous product line of the Mezon speed controllers. They contain a lot of new features and improvements, such as comfortable configuration via the JETI DC/DS transmitters, proportional brake, bidirectional motor operation, EX Bus configuration etc.

MEZON PRO controllers are available in OPTO, standard (BEC) and LMR versions. 

Available products

REX V1.12 & REX Assist V1.10

Lots of new features have been included in the latest updates for standard REX and REX Assist receivers:

Duplex REX Assist V1.10
Comes with a lot of fixes and enhancements. Horizon and Training flight modes have been optimized, introducing 2D flight mode. To see a full list of features and modifications please visit the release notes.


Duplex REX V1.12
With EX Bus backup and signal forwarding.

Download here

All updates can be handled easily by JETI Studio. Please download the latest device definitions to your transmitter (simply update the transmitter to V4.28 via JETI Studio, the necessary files will be downloaded automatically).


Download JETI Studio



Big March Update is here

Lots of new features have been included in the latest updates for transmitters, receivers and JETI Studio PC software:

JETI Studio V1.1.0
It comes with new Transmitter wizard, Lua apps manager and automatic updates of the transmitters.

Download JETI Studio

DC/DS Firmware update V4.27

Update your transmitter to the latest version directly from JETI Studio. New transmitter features:
- DITEX telemetry support
- Updated vario settings
- New voice announcements...


Duplex REX V1.10
With DITEX telemetry support. All updates can be handled easily by JETI Studio.

DITEX: Telemetry Update Process




Art. No.: 
EAN: 8595245909116
Weight [g] 24
Dimensions [mm] 38 x 20 x 7
Sustained current [A] 10
Operational temperature [°C] -20 ... 85
Recommended input voltage [V] 5 ... 8,4
Idle current [µA] 130
Number of battery inputs 2
Input voltage max. [V] 13
Peak current (max 5s) [A] 20

Files for download

Manuals - DSM ESC

DSM ESC is an electronic switch for powering receiver and servos. It combines the voltage output from either two electronic speed controllers (ESC), each with a BEC circuit or an ESC in combination with a receiver battery. The throttle signal from the receiver is supplied to both controllers simultaneously. The DSM ESC also includes a receiver power supply switch.

The voltage from the electronic controllers connected to the inputs of the DSM ESC is constantly measured and supplied directly to the output by the DSM ESC’s internal processor.  The DSM ESC then automatically switches between the inputs so that your receiver is always powered by the power supply with the higher voltage. The signal outputs are interconnected. The DSM ESC output is fitted with a JR connector that can connect the output directly to the receiver. The other JR connector, male, is used to connect an electronic switch, a magnetic switch, or an RC Switch. The DSM ESC can also be operated without an electronic switch. Then, DSM ESC is permanently switched on and functions only as a voltage combiner. The DSM ESC is not equipped with a voltage regulator circuit for the connected batteries or voltage supplies. The voltage at the DSM ESC output will always be equal to the voltage of the input with the higher voltage. Make sure that your receiver, servos and other equipment supplied by the DSM ESC are designed for the voltage being supplied. 

The DSM ESC is controlled by a magnetic switch which can be activated using the magnetic key from outside of your model. By touching the target with the magnetic key  the system is switched on or off. When switched off, the electronic switch draws very little power.

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