Limited edition of DC/DS-24




We would like to introduce you a special limited edition of ten DC/DS-24 transmitters, which was created for the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II. Unfortunately, the release of this series last year was significantly affected by a global pandemic, which also affected our plans. The limited edition is intended for end customers, collectors and fans of JETI and is created in the spirit of flying legends of World War II. Each transmitter has original design, which was artistically painted directly on the transmitter (Airbrush).

You can find more information and photos on our Facebook profile JETI Model.




Two updates have been released via JETI Studio.




1.    REX Assist v1.19 (03/2021)
Airplane pitch with Assist enabled is no longer affected by acceleration (Horizon mode).

2.    MVario2 FAI F5J v2.05 (03/2021)
Supports new sensor revision.

Central Box update v1.10
New version of SW v1.10 intended for Central Box 210/220.

-Time interval of the RX alarm was modified to 2s.
-Extension the compatibility for Futaba R7008SB (S.BUS)

The update can be done by the Jeti Studio.


17. 6. 2014

Congratulation to Henning Wessels

Henning Wessels won the first German F3A DMFV competion. He uses the JETI DC-16 in combination with the Mezon 95 speed controller. This combination gives a sure feeling for flying the airplane. All data from the Hacker Q80 are accessible for online and offline analysis - rpm, amps, temperatur etc.
27. 5. 2014

Central Box 200 firmware update


This update brings additional options for digital inputs and outputs to the Central Box 200. Now you can simply control your LED lights using the Central Box  only. The Central Box can function as an EX Bus expander so you can join several Central Boxes together and you'll have perfect signal distribution and control redundancy in a model. 

Download here

16. 5. 2014

MGPS firmware update


The MGPS firmware update brings several additional features requested by users. For example, the SetOrigin function can now be linked to any receiver channel so that resetting the distance before flight is more comfortable.

Download here

12. 5. 2014

MFlow EX sensors

The sensors measure flow of the pumped fuel and calculate its amount in the tank. Two variants available: MFlow T for turbine driven models, MFlow G for models with combustion engines.
30. 4. 2014

The DS-14 available as well as DC/DS-16 update


Together with the launch of the DS-14 transmitters we are offering the latest DC/DS-16 update for download. This version brings many exceptional features, such as telemetry controls and better integration with receivers version 3.22

Download here

28. 3. 2014

MVario2 EX


The MVario2 EX represents the latest generation of JETI model accurate barometric altitude sensors. With its fast and accurate indication of climb rate, versatility, and high added value, the MVario2 EX is suitable for several applications including official FAI F5J competitions, ALES etc.

Product page

26. 3. 2014

Duplex receiver update available

The long awaited firmware update for the Duplex receiver series is here. The update brings features such as UDI protocol support or the concurrent operation of servos while the PPM output is active. There are options for logical inputs and outputs as well. The update can be found in the Downloads section, direct link here.
5. 12. 2013

RC Switch already available!

Check out our latest product line: RC Switch & RC Power Switch.
3. 12. 2013

DC/DS-16 Update Version 2.22

In the Downloads section you can find the latest firmware update for the DC-16 and DS-16 transmitters.
12. 11. 2013

Congratulations to Gernot Bruckmann

Gernot Bruckmann won with DC-16 the 13 th. DMFV  German indoor championships held in Nordhorn/Germany (9 - 11th November). He won not only in the Expert pattern class, but also in freestyle AM (aero musical). 

Youtube: Final flight

21. 10. 2013

Congratulations to Jiří Novotný


Jiří Novotný won the Italian Cup with international participation in the Q40 category (newly F3T), namely the race of RC models flying around pylons on the outskirts of Milan.

Congratulations and good luck for the future. 

18. 10. 2013

Small accessories for transmitters

We now offer replacement springs with increased tension and extended slide levers for DS-16.
Check it out!
3. 10. 2013

DC/DS-16 Update Version 2.20

In the Downloads section you can find the latest firmware update for the DC-16 and DS-16 transmitters. This update shifts again the possibilities of present RC transmitters.
23. 9. 2013

RCDroidBox already in our portfolio

RCDroidBox provides convenient connectivity of any transmitter to a mobile phone or tablet. This connection is done wirelessly using Bluetooth interface. Duplex Tx modules of JETI model are supported.
22. 9. 2013

Congratulations to Petr Janků

Petr Janků from Nová Paka (CZ) won the last competition of the Contest Eurotour F5F race series that was held in Bad Brückenau. After this event he ended up at fifth place overall for this year's rankings.

Congratulations and good luck in the future.

16. 9. 2013

Central Box already in our portfolio

Products of the Central Box line serve primarily to improve the safety of model operation. They offer the possibility of a power supply from separate battery inputs, and they also support connection of satellite receivers. Each servo channel is protected against current overload.
11. 9. 2013

Congratulations to Henning Wessels

After beeing a German champion in 2012, Henning Wessels became this year after 4 tough competitons the German Vice Champion Top FAI class F3A DMFV. eV.
15. 8. 2013

Update for MVARIO and JETIBOX profi

Check the Downloads section for the latest updates. 

- JETIBOX profi version 1.20
- MVARIO version 2.06 (included in the Mx update).

29. 6. 2013

New Website

We have created new web pages, where there are all the information about all our products clearly organized and easy to find.  Some new additional functions have been added as well.
20. 6. 2013

Gernot Bruckmann won the South Moravia Cup F3A

Congratulations on the victory and good luck for the future events.
3. 5. 2013

DC/DS-16 Update Version 2.01

A new firmware version for the DC/DS-16 transmitters.

Further details in the Downloads section.

22. 11. 2012

JETI Clothes

JETI model presents new DUPLEX clothes collection...
Partners Esprit Hacker Hepf

JETI Italia jetiforum JETI magazin egadgets

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