1. Turn on the JETIBOX profi.
  2. Switch the JETIBOX profi to the Telemetry mode (set the menu item SET-UP / DUPLEX / JETIbox mode to Telemet). JETIBOX profi for the US market can be operated using the Telemetry and Monitor modes only.
  3. Set the receiver (or a satellite receiver) to the Telemetry mode using a standard JETIBOX or a JETIBOX profi. Set the menu item Main Setting / Rx Mode to Telemetry. Turn off the receiver.
  4. Start the binding process on the JETIBOX profi (SET-UP / DUPLEX / Binding / Start).
  5. Turn on the receiver. JETIBOX profi automatically detects the connected receiver and this event is signalised by an audible signal.

Using this way, a single receiver can be connected to an unlimited number of JETIBOX profi devices.