During testing JETI Duplex receivers, I got an idea to use satellite receiver Rsat for wireless connection „instructor-student“. This receiver has as an output PPM signal that is enough only to get to the right pin of the „instructor’s“transmitter. Connections of some transmitters is showed at enclosed pictures. We are only interested in where to connect plus, minus, and PPM signal. We don’t need more..

 Instructor-student connection

What do we need for this wireless connection:
1. Student’s transmitter equipped with transmitting Jeti Duplex module. We can use any brand of transmitter.
2. Instructor’s transmitter. Again, we can use any transmitter equipped with connector for „instructor-student“ cable.
3. Satellite receiver Duplex Rsat
4. Adapter between JETI Rsat receiver and „instructor-student“ connector of instructor’s transmitter. (showed in the picture)



 Principal is very simple. Student’s transmitter equipped with JETI Duplex module transmits normally at 2.4 GHz. This signal is received by JETI Rsat. Its PPM output is connected to the „instructor-student“ connector of instructor’s transmitter. Model is controlled and communicates only with instructor’s transmitter and it does not matter at what frequency it transmits, it can be run at 2.4 GHz as well.


Connection Scheme

Advantages of this arrangement are evident. We are not limited by cable. Safe distance of the connection between transmitters isn’t metres but tens or hundreds of metres. In addition we can monitor the quality of student’s connection with Jetibox so we can be acoustically noticed in risk of losing connection. We can use any brand of transmitters and their combination, not only Futaba. The costs are minimal if we already use Duplex system because we can use instructor’s receiver for its original purpose.

At the end, thanks to my friend Radek Stratil, who courageously lent me not only the transmitter but also his helicopter.

Ing. M. Pastyřík