Warning: After updating to version 4.00 it is not possible to downgrade to a version prior 3.02 (downgrading to 3.02 is, however, possible).

Please read the attached ReleaseNotes prior to performing any update. This document always includes the actual information given to the current version of firmware.  



Update procedure for version 4.00:

  1. Connect TX via USB to PC.
  2. In the TX confirm communication with PC.
  3. Download the appropriate update file (contains all system audio files and configuration).  Unzip its contents into a temporary folder at your hard drive.
  4. Copy all files from the temporary folder to the root folder of the transmitter SD card. When asked, confirm replacement of existing files.
  5. Switch off and switch on the TX. After that, the update will run.


The structure of directories on the SD card should look like this:



Update procedure from older DC-16 firmware versions (versions prior 1.07.1):