JETI Studio Beta is available

The latest PC software for telemetry analysis is now available in the Downloads - JETI Studio section. The program is able to open and visualize log files generated by the DC/DS transmitters and offers many additional functions:

- Real-time telemetry
- JETIBOX profi
- Device updates
- EX Bus devices configuration

REX Receiver Update

Version 1.02 is available in the Downloads section.

Update for RSat2 and R3L

The 3.25 version offers full support for 24 channels in connection with Central Box.

Available in the Downloads section.

DC/DS Firmware Update Version 4.00

DC/DS Firmware Update Version 4.00
Download the latest software update for the DC/DS-16 and DC/DS-14 transmitters. This update brings many requested features  based on user feedback. You can find more information in the attached update file.

Firmware Update: Receivers, controllers, sensors, Tx Modules

Firmware Update: Receivers, controllers, sensors, Tx Modules
This article describes the procedure of how to update the electronic devices manufactured by JETI model. Prior performing the update, you should obtain a USB Adapter or JETIBOX profi that is able to function as a USB adapter as well.
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